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The tribe

Music has always been fundamental to culture, and more so today than ever before, and in new ways. With the 90s came electronic forms of music, popping up in places like Detroit, and then all over Europe in Berlin, London, Paris, and Amsterdam. It quickly became an important source of social cohesion, manifesting itself with raves, parties, and tribe-like gatherings.

We have nothing to envy from the 80s” but still like it.

The festive nature of musical events compels being in the moment, and letting go of one’s cares. We all have different needs that can be fulfilled through gatherings prompted by music. Those of us who work hard can relax, those with troubles can forget, those who are lonely can enjoy being with others, and those merely passionate about the sound can listen. And there’s the energy, the movement, dancing – that too affects us all.

In the end, music transports us together

We will be working for all these people from this day forward. As Plato said once: “If you want to control a people, start with controlling its music". So we told ourselves :

If you wish to the free people, start by freeing the music

Because music feels good, dancing feels good, meeting feels good, listening feels good, laughing feels good, tapping with your feet good, and losing yourself feels food. When we gather for music, we can transcend our small existence, love, and share because, yes, that too feels good-the list is never ending.

We are of the tribe, “les tribeurs”*, at a time when music is expanding everywhere, and we are committed, here and now, to bringing you more; more new sounds, more festivities, more seminal moments, because we all need it, everyone of us.

*Tribbers comes from the word Tribe: a kind of techno music, which appeared in the 90s, directly form the Free party movement. Today, the term Tribe is very often used to define the dancers lifestyle of dawn. This term is also associated with a rhythmic and repetitive style of dancing.

Our job

Les Tribeurs is an energetic group devoted to “event making” and artist management – we don’t just set it all up (although we do that too). We fully contribute to our community’s cultural development. We aren’t a company in the traditional sense, but rather a tribe, spreading our (and your) message across boundaries, in the arts, with music and festive gatherings of people from all walks of life. Our main goal is to push creativity, help it multiply, through innovative cultural content. The projects we give life to are made for our time.
We focus on the development and production of events, communication projects, artist management and consulting.

Why choose us?

Our perspective on music is broad, fresh, but still communal. Our energy, knowledge and skill level in creating and booking selections are unparalleled. Although dedicated and professional, we are young, and we know what today’s youth wants, before it demands it.

The best part of our job?

Working hard for the sheer pleasure of seeing the joy we create, and beaming smiles on people’s faces.

Our requirements:

Quality first and foremost : Artistic cohesion

Keeping pace with evolving trends


Our services are available to:


Groups of all kind

Cultural institutions

Festivals and other events

Individual Artists and bands


Believe in Marseille

An eclectic and electronic music selection in a unique setting between sea and sky. An event for all audiences, inspired by our famous "savoir-vivre". 20th and 21st June 2014.

With : MGMT, Jeff Mills, Mathew Jonson, Moodymann, La Femme, Juan Atkins & Mortiz Von Oswald, Ben UFO, Darius & more

In the creation of this event we worked with : La Ville de Marseille, Adopte un Mec, 20 minutes, Les Inrockuptibles, Tsugi, Trax, Clubbing TV and many more.

*Reference of the associate and the co-founder of the brand.